SUV or Minivan…Which is for You?


SUV or Minivan...Which is for you-

If you’re looking for a new vehicle suitable for your whole family, you’ve probably considered purchasing a minivan or SUV. Both are extremely appealing, as they each offer many different qualities. We understand how difficult it can be deciding on your next vehicle purchase, so we’ve compiled a detailed list, outlining the general characteristics of SUVs and minivans.


Hopefully, if you’re stuck between buying a minivan or SUV, this will help make it clear which is better suited for your lifestyle!


Let’s start with the benefits of owning a minivan:




At Ancira CJDR, we currently have two minivan models to choose from: the Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan. Sometime in the near future, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica minivan will be on our lot as well.


Click here to check out our inventory of 2016 Chrysler and Dodge minivans!


If minivans were to be described in one word, it would be, “practical.” Probably the most commonly praised characteristic of minivans is its low ground clearance, which makes them extremely easy to get in and out of. This includes a smooth trip to the third row.


The sliding doors of minivans are extremely helpful and efficient, compared to traditional doors. Sliding doors guarantee that your little ones can’t ding the doors of vehicles parked parallel to your minivan.


We can’t forget to mention that most minivans offer fold-flat seating, a standard third row, and child-friendly features for convenience like tri-zone climate control, cupholders and cubbies, as well as rear-seat entertainment.




When it comes to performance and efficiency, minivans tend to achieve better gas mileage than their similarly-sized SUV counterparts. This is due to the car-like chassis and engine of minivans.


The only setback you may see in minivans is the idea of yourself driving a minivan. Some people don’t want the “soccer mom” image that some believe comes with driving a van. If that’s the case with you and your family, check out the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica, an innovative and sporty minivan coming to our lot later this year!




One of the most important benefits of driving an SUV is performance and capability. SUVs offer a higher ground clearance, a larger engine, and offer all-wheel or 4-wheel-drive. For families that need to “go-anywhere,” an SUV like the 2016 Dodge Journey or Dodge Durango might be the smarter choice.


Click here to view our inventory of 2016 Dodge Journey SUVs!


Although SUVs can be a little more expensive than minivans, they tend to have a sportier styling and more “get-up.” Also, there are far more SUV choices on the market than minivans.


Click here to view our inventory of Dodge Durango SUVs!



When compared to minivans, SUVs have the drawback that they aren’t quite as easy for loading up kids and their “stuff.”

Choosing the next vehicle for you and your family is a BIG decision. We hope that this has helped you weigh the options between owning a minivan or SUV!


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