RAM Lineup|Popular Mechanics “Best Truck of 2016”


“Top to bottom, this is the model to beat.”


We at Ancira CJDR are aware of the level of excellence our vehicles provide, but we still get pretty excited when one of our cars, trucks, or SUVs gets the acknowledgement it deserves!


In its May issue that was released last week, Popular Mechanics named the 2016 RAM truck lineup “Best Truck of 2016!”


Mike Manley, Head of Ram Truck Brand for FCA Gloval said, “The objective for Ram is to build the best trucks in the market, and earning a spot in Popular Mechanics’  Automotive Excellence Awards is recognition of rapid innovation and exclusive features across Ram’s entire pickup line…Ram is committed to leadership with best-in-class titles, including America’s most fuel-efficient full-size pickup at 29 mpg, most towing capacity at 31,210 pounds and the most torque at 900 lb.-ft.”


According to PM editors, the Ram is the only truck with a ZF-designed eight-speed automatic transmission, an aspect surprisingly  with Rolls-Royce and Range Rover vehicles. “That transmission can be bolted to a satisfying 305-horsepower V6, a beastly HEMI V8, or a 3.0-liter diesel, the only small diesel you can get in a full-size truck.”


PM credits Ram trucks with “the most ambitious suspension.” Ram 1500 and 2500 series trucks come standard with a coil-spring rear end that guarantees a smooth ride and ultimate control.


The industry’s only available air suspension is also available in HD Ram trucks. By simply pressing a button, it’s like your pickup has a lift-kit. This feature comes in handy in many circumstances like off-roading, unloading the bed, and improved fuel economy as is drops closer to pavement at highway speeds.

When it comes to the macho side of performance, Ram trucks brag the most torque, 900 lb-ft from a Cummins diesel Ram, and the most powerful gas engine from the 410-horsepower-producing 6.4-liter HEMI.


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